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Open Letter to Senator Grantham

the people of this district are tired of the waste and abuse of their tax dollars and that they want a government that is smaller, limited, and more efficient.

Senator Kevin Grantham     

Dear Senator Grantham,

 Your early act as a newly elected State Senator presented the people of Colorado a timely opportunity to reflect upon the principles and commitments on which you pledged to serve.

Your sponsorship of House Bill 11-1083 has now commited your office and constituents to expanded government legislation and regulations in order to "grease the skids" for the construction of the South Slope Pumped Storage Project in your district.  That $1 billion project has been unable to secure private investor funding in the free market and now, its developer is leveraging political connections to fund it with government stimulus and renewable energy mandates.  Under the guise of "jobs" and "clean energy" you have passed legislation that provides neither, while funding a private-sector project on the backs of Colorado taxpayers and ratepayers for generations to come.

You and your colleagues rushed this bill through the House and Senate without understanding the technology or giving the people of your district, and all of Colorado, the time and facts needed to understand it's impact upon us.  It is important to hold this legislation up to the light, and to your commitments, principles and beliefs:

Limited Government

Is it the role of the state government to create create jobs through more regulations and laws, forcing ratepayers and taxpayers of Colorado to fund private enterprise projects that otherwise cannot stand on their own in a free market?  Xcel Energy, private investors, foreign investors, and the Public Utilities Commission have already rejected the South Pumped Storage Plant.

Is it the role of government to compel ratepayers and taxpayers to fund private industry  through regulatory legislation, and then force us to buy their services?

Is it the role of government to create 22 jobs in Fremont County by imposing new regulations, laws and fees on the ratepayers and tax payers of Colorado?

Lower Taxes and Fees

Pumped storage is outdated and unnecessary technology that is extremely expensive to build and operate.  HB 11-1083 creates government regulations and bureaucracy, forcing Colorado's power companies to invest in and buy pumped storage that will triple the cost of wind energy. It allows them to pass the higher costs along to ratepayers and taxpayers, resulting in higher taxes and utility rates.

Fiscal Responsibility

How is expanding government into the private sector, more regulatory bureaucracy, and new government incentives for private projects, fiscally responsible government?

You are promoting that 22 jobs will be added in Fremont County. The plant adds $1.6 billion to the $0.8 billion cost of wind power. That is a price tag to Colorado ratepayers of $72 million dollars per job created!

Private Property Rights

"The right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of one’s property is sacred. The constant looming threat of the dark cloud of eminent domain is antithetical to the concept of quiet enjoyment.", Kevin Grantham

Your legislation, classification, and funding for the South Slope Pumped Storage Project will lead directly to confiscation or forced sale of private property.  The developer of this project has proposed a massive and potentially dangerous water impoundment project, literally in the backyards of residential and ranch property owners without consulting or notifying them. This is a direct violation of the permit granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Private properties and rights to them have been specifically identified by the developer in FERC filings as property that must be acquired for dam construction and flooding.

These property owners have refused to sell their land to the South Slope Pumped Storage developer. Your legislation injects the governmental mandates that cast the fate of these private property owners to confiscation through eminent domain.

Free Market Capitalism

After 5 years of planning and negotiation with power companies, regulatory agencies and private investors, the South Slope Pumped Storage project failed to attract needed funding in the free market. Now as a State Senator your first act is to use the government to resurrect the $1 billion private project that failed in the free market, thereby crowding out genuine free market growth.

Right for Colorado

Your legislation saddles the ratepayers and taxpayers of Colorado with an expensive bill for this New Deal style public works project. It will cause major setbacks to advanced energy technology development in Colorado and will increase conventional and renewable energy costs by siphoning off limited development funds. It will raise utility rates. It's construction will do extensive permanent damage to Colorado's environment. It will create massive pits of stagnated water that will disrupt wildlife, local climate, and groundwater

How is this right for Colorado?


What was the rush to pass this legislation?  The people of your district, and Colorado, deserved to know the truth about the legislation, the South Slope Pumped Storage project, the foreign investors, the special interests, and the impact to Colorado's environment and energy future.

Simple, open and honest truth.  Which principle, Senator Grantham, stands higher than that?

Citizens of the South Slope



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