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Pueblo Chieftan Mar 10, 2011

Article outlining the political and business motivations behind HB 11-1083.

Wind Power: Capacity Factor, Intermittence

The University of Massachusetts, Renewable Energy Research Laboratory explains the concept of capacity factor in context of wind generators. It also cites typical capacity factors for other types of power generators.

Swerdfeger Construction Company

K.R Swerdfeger Construction is a heavy civil construction firm owned by Colorado Representative Keith Swerdfeger. They do business in heavy utitliy construction for electrical power, natural gas, sewer water, communication, pipelines, highway and site construction work. They have major offices in, Pueblo West, Colorado Springs, and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as regional offices across the Southwest.

Their customers include telecommunication companies, natural gas companies such as Xcel Energy, Aquila, Atmos Gas, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Natural Gas and government agencies.

Senator Grantham: Principles and Beliefs

Beliefs and Principles explained in Kevin Grantham's Campaign.

Pueblo Chieftan Feb 1, 2011

Newly elected local politicians talk about their legislation designed bring jobs to their districts through stimulus funds extracted from utility ratepayers and taxpayers in  Colorado via House Bill 11-1083.

Integration of large-scale wind power and use of energy storage in the Netherlands’ electricity supply

The use of energy storage for increased operational flexibility is commonly regarded as a logical complement for systems with large amounts of wind power. Taking into account the large investment costs, energy storage units are however unlikely to have a profitable exploitation.  A notable result is that for the Dutch system, the use of energy storage increases the system’s overall CO2 emission levels because energy storage allows storing power from cheap coal plants for substitution of expensive gas during peak.

Why Wind Power Works for Denmark

How the Danish grid is balanced

In every power grid, load and demand are balanced dynamically as there is effectively no storage in the transmission and distribution system. This is not to be confused with energy storage systems (e.g. pumped or compressed air storage), which buy low-cost power in times of excess generation and deliver it very much as any other generator in times of higher demand.

Pueblo Chieftan Feb 8, 2011

A Chieftan article setting the stage for Rep Keith Swerdfeger's House Bill 11-1083.

DOE Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability - Technology Investment Plan

The Department of Energy's  Annual Energy Outlook Report  includes projections for electric power generation through 2035.

EIS 2011 Energy Outlook - Summary Report

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) Annual Report for the US Department of Energy. This provides the country's energy supply and energy production outlook to the year 2035.

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